About the Fund

At the African Visionary Fund, our mission is to drive more dollars in unrestricted funding to effective and deserving organizations across Africa, reaching millions more lives with proven, sustainable, and locally tailored solutions.

When funding is steered toward local organizations, power is shifted into the hands of communities

There's injustice in grantmaking in Africa, with foreign-led organizations still receiving the lion's share of grant funding at the expense of local organizations. 

In fact, in 2017, local and national NGOs in Africa received just 0.4 percent directly of all international humanitarian assistance.

African-led organizations have staying power and can deliver impactful solutions tailored to local contexts. Local leaders live, go to school, access healthcare, and work among the communities whose problems they are seeking to solve—designing contextually-relevant and creative solutions to deliver impact.

By funding African-led organizations whose leaders are deeply rooted in the communities they serve, philanthropists can ensure that needs on the ground inform the solution being developed—and not the other way around.

How the Fund Works

The African Visionary Fund provides an avenue for donors to fund African-led organizations directly, overcoming obstacles from funding structure challenges to staffing constraints.

We believe that taking on inequity in philanthropy requires more equitable, just, and inclusive grantmaking, while at the same time providing donors with a means to achieve their aspirations.

And with a ready-made pipeline of vetted, exemplary African-led organizations at the ready, we're able to channel more funds toward outstanding organizations, widening the spectrum of bright ideas and thoughtful interventions that get the support they deserve to reach more people.

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We’re looking for other progressive philanthropists to help make this vision a reality.