AVFund Welcomes Cohort 3 Visionaries

Feb 3, 2023

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African Visionary Fund is excited to present our 2022 Cycle 3 Visionary Partners!

Ten high-impact African organizations have joined our growing portfolio, raising our total portfolio from 15 to 25 African Visionary Partners. We are also pleased to introduce our $1.8 million three-year unrestricted funding and support commitment. Our latest round of grants brings us to a total commitment of $4.5 million since our founding in 2020 and marks an all-time grant-giving high for our organization.

Each year, we seek to propel the work of African changemakers in Sub-Saharan Africa who are building systems to create remarkable shifts in their communities in the areas of health, technology, education, livelihoods and more.

We support proximate leaders because they have the potential to make the most impact in the communities they are working to improve. Unfortunately, they often face the most challenges and receive only a fraction of overall grant funding and strategic support. A report by the Council on Foundations revealed that only 5% of all US foundations’ giving towards the continent goes to African-led organizations.

Our partnerships enable visionary organizations to achieve their biggest, boldest visions—breaking gender norms, implementing equitable healthcare systems, providing access to STEM training, and implementing pathways to create permanent, systemic change.

Meet Our New Partners!

Our new African Visionary Partners are dynamic organizations that work across five sectors in six countries.

Bless a Child Foundation (Uganda) aims to increase access to improved childhood cancer treatment services in Uganda. Through Bless a Child Foundation, children and their caregivers receive care and support services at no cost. Over 6,000 children have received care since opening their first support home in 2010.

Chipembere Community Development Organization (Malawi) is a youth-led local organization working in rural settings of the southern region of Malawi, with innovative interventions that include Social Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness, Village Loan Savings, Information and Technology Access, and more.

Clean Start Solutions (Kenya) is combating the systemic incarceration of Kenyan women rallying the call of “Beyond the Bars Never Again.” They are restoring dignity and hope for successful re-integration by unlocking their potential as they exit correctional facilities.

COBURWAS International Youth Organisation to Transform Africa (CIYOTA) (Uganda) seeks to transform Africa by providing access to quality education for conflict-affected children, empowering socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs to unite communities and create sustainable peace, love and prosperity.

The Community Forest Conservation Network of Tanzania (MJUMITA) (Tanzania) promotes networking and collaboration among local communities living adjacent to natural forests. MJUMITA aims to improve the management and conservation of natural forests and the livelihood of these communities through land and forest ownership. 

Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh (DRASA) Health Trust (Nigeria) is building a network of health champions who are preventing disease and saving lives through their education and training, community engagement, emergency planning, and policy change work.

Impact Africa Network (Kenya) is changing the African narrative by ensuring that young talented Africans can participate in the digital transformation of Africa as creators and owners.

Wandikweza (Malawi) works to remove barriers for ultra-poor Malawians in remote areas. Interventions include a health center and the implementation of community health workers, mobile clinics and Nurses on Bikes. Wandikweza believes everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare when they need it.

Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative (WHER)  (Nigeria) is a Nigerian feminist organization that brings together lesbian, bisexual and other sexual minority women from all over the country to collectively take action to advance and promote their rights and well-being.

Uwezo Youth Empowerment (Uwezo) (Rwanda) is transforming young Rwandan people with disabilities into agents of change. Uwezo exists to advocate for and provide services to young people with disabilities to help them live independently and with dignity.

2023 Announcement Event: Nairobi, Kenya

The entire AVFund team had the privilege of hosting the third cohort announcement event in Nairobi, Kenya. Over 400 attendees from across the globe joined the virtual celebration. Months of preparation boiled down to this event. When it was finally time to introduce our new partners, we were all overwhelmed with joy and appreciation for the incredible opportunity to expand our portfolio. We could not be more excited to welcome this new cohort solving diverse challenges, in diverse sectors and diverse communities across the continent. 

Following the announcement, the team hosted a celebratory dinner with our partners in Nairobi, both new and old. It was a great opportunity to connect a small corner of our community and celebrate the power of African-led social innovation in person. 

“I loved witnessing how much our partners loved talking with each other. For example, Lizzie Kiama (co-founder of This Ability) and Linda Kamau (co-founder of AkiraChix), connected and they hadn’t met in person before. Real connections were happening. This motivates our team and me to strategize how we can find more ways to bring our partners and the African Visionary Fund community together.” - Sibabalwe Mona, Systems Change Strategist, African Visionary Fund

We often overuse the word “community” in the philanthropic sector. But make no mistake, it is something we have physically experienced and it’s a feeling that exists for us.

What’s Next for 2023?

Our funders have contributed a combined total of $6.5 million USD to our pooled fund. Our goal of raising  $10M by the end of 2023 to support more innovative African visionaries is in close reach! We are honored to be in partnership with the funders above. 

This year, we look forward to building deeper relationships with our partners and delivering an improved grantmaking system for our next round. Our visionaries have the potential to transform Africa and we are invigorated by what the future holds. 

Congratulations to our third cohort. We are humbled to be in partnership with you over the next few years.

Thank you for supporting our mission and we hope you continue to help us bridge the gap between African organizations and funders. Watch the full announcement event here.

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