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BarefootLaw is all about tech-enabled legal support. They envision a world where access to legal support is freely and readily available to everyone that needs it. Globally, 5.1 billion people face injustice or have an unmet legal need -- needs that often directly impact the livelihoods of those most marginalized. BarefootLaw’s mission is to make legal services readily available to 50 million Africans by 2030, particularly those farthest from available services. Starting in Uganda, BarefootLaw’s passionate team is harnessing the power of digital technology and innovations like Artificial Intelligence to ensure that every Ugandan has access to justice. 

Impact Impact
  • 17,858 people whose legal problems were resolved after accessing Barefoot Law’s support
  • 88.3% of clients report satisfaction with the way their legal problems were handled by the Barefoot Law team
Reach Reach
  • 805,000 users with access to Barefoot Law legal information
  • 69,000 users with legal issues that contacted Barefoot Law
Systems Change Systems Change
  • Advocating for adoption of technology and innovation for access to justice across the legal sector
  • Engaging directly with Uganda’s Chief Justice and convening a coalition of key stakeholders in government, legal aid, and technology innovators to increase access to justice for all


Gerald Abila
Gerald Abila

Gerald Abila is an American Bar Association Legal Rebel and a pioneer of the LegalTech/Innovation movement in Africa. He founded BarefootLaw which, through the innovative use of digital technology, empowers people to develop legal solutions to their justice needs. He is steadfast in the belief that access to the law for all is fundamental to a just and equitable society and new technologies play a significant role towards this.

I am steadfast in the belief that access to the law for all is fundamental to a just, equitable and thriving society and that new technologies have a significant role to play in ensuring equal access to justice for everyone.