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Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD)

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FOCCAD improves access to high-quality sexual and reproductive health as well as general health services for women, children and young adults. They bridge the gap between health services and communities by addressing issues related to distance, logistics, and capacity.

The Differentiator
FOCCAD is the sole provider of emergency transport for women and children from last-mile communities to health facilities in Malawi. Their innovative and cost-effective approach ensures services are delivered at each outreach clinic, with an estimated cost of $0.12 per patient.

Why Their Work Matters
In Malawi, where 71% of the population resides in rural areas far from hospitals and 80% of health facilities face capacity limitations, meeting healthcare demand is a significant challenge. Moreover, over 70% of Malawian communities have experienced a decline in income and livelihoods. FOCCAD is a key player in transforming the landscape of healthcare accessibility in Malawi, impacting not only the well-being of individuals but also influencing broader aspects of education, nutrition, livelihoods, and societal dynamics.

  • Over 250,000 people accessed ART, HTS, family planning and under five clinic services in in Nkhotakota, Dedza, Thyolo and Phalombe resulting in increased turn up of people accessing health services in last mile communities.
  • Over 3500 women, 2500 children and young adults accessed the health facilities through emergency transport money provided to access ANC, ART and HTS services.
  • Over 34,568 women and youths improved annual servings and income for their house hold support and able to access health care support.
  • 226,231 clients accessed integrated health services including antenatal care, family planning and under-five health services in hard-to-reach areas to enhance the uptake of health services.
  • 135 bicycle/ motorbike tax drivers hired to transport clients (pregnant, lactating mothers, children young adults on ART) from last mile hard to reach areas to health facilities to access health services
  • Over 9345 women and 100 youths supported in vocational trainings, VSL agriculture, entrepreneurship and MicroGrants
Systems Change
Systems Change
  • FOCCAD bridges the transport and logistics gap to health care between hard to reach last mile communities and health facilities through last mile outreach clinics and emergency transport system.
  • The organisation is bringing a strong health system through well trained Community Health Workers, who provide health services at a door step of ART defaulting clients in last mile hard to reach communities and retain them back to care.

Dan Eddie Nthara

Founder and Executive Director
Founder and Executive Director

Dan Eddie Nthara is a visionary from Malawi, serving as the founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Community and Capacity Development. With over two decades of experience in development programming at senior management levels for both local and international organizations, Dan is a US Department of State Community Solutions Program Alumni and an African Visionary Fellow under Segal Family Foundation.

Dan holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a major in General Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, an Advanced Diploma in Public Health, and a Diploma in Community Development. He actively contributes to global health efforts as a member of the Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism, representing the TB constituency in Malawi. Additionally, he serves as Malawi’s representative to the SADC Regional Coordinating Mechanism for TB in the mining sector.

Dan has a proven track record in resource mobilization, program management, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic management.

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