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Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP)

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KEEP addresses Liberia’s inequality gap by advocating for literacy and equity in education, human rights, and resource access. Their educational programs, which include establishing mini-libraries in public schools, aim to enhance reading proficiency, fluency, and comprehension for underprivileged students.

The Differentiator
KEEP launched its programs in response to community demand during the height of the Ebola outbreak. Since 2016, KEEP has successfully established 29 libraries in 10 counties in Liberia, published 5 children’s books, consistently championed social justice, and actively engaged in advocacy work, specifically addressing issues such as sexual gender-based violence and the abuse of children.

Why Their Work Matters
KEEP firmly believes that Liberia's development hinges on having a literate and empowered citizenry. The organization advocates for locally-driven solutions, emphasizing that an empowered and literate population is better equipped to hold its leadership accountable and ensure that development is centered around the needs and priorities of the people.


80% of the students who participate in KEEP Liberia’s reading program successfully complete elementary school. Thus positioning them to complete High school. 200% increase in the number of book read per child in a 12 month period in locations where KEEP Liberia has established mini libraries.


Over 20,000 books distributed across 12 Counties in Liberia. 33 mini-libraries established in the last 8 years, reaching over 5000 students. Economic programs have directly reached 300 individuals. 250 students trained in basic computer literacy.

Systems Change
Systems Change

KEEP’s persistence in promoting a culture of reading has seen an increase in the interest in reading nationally, with the national curriculum increasing the reading allotted time from once a week to now being 5 times. KEEP was also the recipient of the national literacy award from the ministry of education and the 2023 CSO of the year by USAID Liberia

Brenda Moore

Executive Director
Executive Director

Brenda Brewer Moore is the Founder and CEO of Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP), a charity dedicated to promoting reading in Liberia, where library access in schools is limited. Beyond literacy, KEEP addresses social issues such as child sexual abuse and endeavors to foster community involvement in education by establishing public school libraries.

A vocal advocate against violence, Brenda has utilized her voice to raise awareness on rape and abuse, contributing through articles and supporting the production of movies like “Stolen Childhood” and “The Fight,” launched in August 2020.

As a published author and social blogger, Brenda has written 5 children’s books and numerous articles published in prominent media outlets. With an Executive Masters in Business Administration and 19 years of experience in Human Resource Management, she has received the National Literacy Award for her significant contributions to literacy in Liberia. Brenda is an Acumen Fellow, Senior Aspen New Voices Fellow, and an Ashoka Fellow. Besides her philanthropic endeavors, Brenda manages two small businesses – Curated Gift Store and J&A Delicacies.

Follow her work on Instagram: @liberianjue and @keepliberia, on Twitter: @liberianjue and @keepliberia.

Explore KEEP’s initiatives at, and learn more about Brenda’s personal journey at

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