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Primrose Community Health Organization (PRICHO)

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Primrose Community Health Organization supports HIV prevention and provides comprehensive care for women, youth and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Kafue district.

The Differentiator
PRICHO began as a support group for individuals living with HIV in 2004 and evolved into an NGO in late 2009. Motivated by his own HIV status, the founder established PRICHO as a catalyst for societal change, especially among young people, with a primary focus on preventing the disease.

Why Their Work Matters
In the past decade, Zambia has made significant progress in its HIV response, thanks in part to national initiatives and organizations like PRICHO. PRICHO plays a crucial role in creating safe spaces for adolescents, young people, men, and women to make informed choices about their sexual reproductive health and rights. These choices are guided by principles of dignity, equality, and social justice.

  • 12,500+ individuals accessed and utilized HIV counseling and testing services through our community outreach, door to door sensitizations and one-on-one sessions in the last two years (2022-2023)
  • 128+ HIV positive clients’ referrals to health facilities were done, leading to successful viral load suppression in the last two years (2022-2023)
  • 14,882 Men and Boys, empowered on the importance of male involvement during antenatal visits in the last three years (2021-2023) in Kafue district.
  • 619 persons with disabilities gained access to information on sexual and reproductive health rights in Kafue District in the last one (1) year (2022)
  • 426 malnourished children exhibited notable improvements in their weight gain after the provision of nutritional support in the last one (1) year (2023)
  • 250 girls and young women provided with entrepreneurship empowerment and small business grants have their income increased by 25% in the last two years (2022-2023) Kafue district
  • 440+ learners benefit from the provision of school requisites (Books, School fees and 40 school desks) in the last one (1) year (2023) Kafue district.

PriCHO is executing a transformative six-year Strategic Plan (2024-2030) focusing on delivering quality services to marginalized communities in Zambia. The plan involves direct capacity development, skills enhancement, and investments in health, education, water, sanitation, and economic empowerment. By collaborating with government systems, community structures, and various partners, PriCHO aims to act as a catalyst for change rather than a savior. The organization will shift towards implementing sustainable community-led projects to engage marginalized communities for self-reliant livelihoods. PriCHO ensures rights-based and participatory programming in collaboration with stakeholders, funders, and community members to facilitate change, ownership, and sustainability.

Systems Change
Systems Change

PriCHO is launching a six-year Strategic Plan (2024–2030) focused on providing high-quality services, direct capacity development, and community investments in Zambia. Shifting its role to a catalyst for change, PriCHO aims for sustainable community-led projects, engaging marginalized communities for self-reliant livelihoods. Committed to rights-based programming, PriCHO collaborates with stakeholders to empower communities for lasting impact, ownership, and sustainability.

Kenan Ng’ambi

Executive Director
Executive Director

In 2010, Kenan Ng’ambi was honored with the 2010 Prestigious Red Ribbon Award. This recognition highlighted the organization’s exceptional action and leadership in innovation and sustainability at the community level in the fight against AIDS. The Red Ribbon Award, named after the global symbol in the AIDS movement, acknowledged outstanding community organizations for their efforts in reducing the spread and impact of AIDS.

Kenan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and is a fellow of the Lily Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA. He received the 2014 Golden Jubilee Medal for his contributions to HIV and AIDS work at the community level in Zambia. Additionally, he was the inaugural winner of the 2010 Egmont Trust Award for Excellence, recognizing his inspirational contributions to improving the quality of life for children and families affected by HIV and AIDS at the community level.

With over 13 years of proven work experience, Kenan has excelled in program design and management. His expertise includes managing and coordinating multiple projects, establishing processes, and monitoring and measuring impact results. He is responsible for developing long-range strategies that achieve the organization’s mission and provides leadership in creating program and organizational annual work plans, as well as action plans, including the development and dissemination of information during and after project implementation.

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