Misan Rewane
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Misan Rewane

Executive Director, Stanford Impact Labs Board Member, Previous Founding Working Group Member
Local solutions are better informed, more innovative, and more sustainable because they leverage and optimize the best of local assets."

Born and raised in Lagos, Misan Rewane is no stranger to the challenges of education and social mobility. When her parents, unable to ignore the education system’s breakdown, were compelled to send her to the U.S. for university, she resolved to help transform West Africa’s education system. After graduating from Stanford University, she worked with The Monitor Group, TechnoServe, and the Centre for Public Policy Alternatives. As an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School, she partnered with fellow West Africans who were passionate about tackling youth unemployment and launched WAVE in 2013. WAVE tackles youth unemployment by growing the supply of work-ready youth while growing the demand from employers, thereby levelling the playing field for African youth to access the skills and opportunity to become what they imagine. Misan is passionate about supporting social innovators in scaling their impact sustainably. Misan is also co-founder of The IMPACT Initiative, a nonprofit focused on helping young people discover themselves and maximize their academic, career and personal experiences.